Suffering: The essence of life

Life is merely a scale of suffering. The more you experience life the more you suffer.

Modern society always complains about suffering in life. But suffering is life. The very nature of life is suffering and pain. It is suffering where the meaning of life lies. Without pain, a person will never get stronger. Without pain, a person will never think that he could be better. All the greatness around started with someone’s suffering. The day this pain ends is the day of your death. But then what about the concept of happiness?

The very concept of happiness at its base is wrong. A person when achieves everything and is happy suffers from the very happiness. A person with all the riches and luxuries suffers from the very luxury. A person in love suffers from love. A person with a goal suffers from the very desire to achieve the goal. A person with no goal suffers from purposelessness. You can’t run from the suffering it is the very beginning of your life.

Instead, you should embrace this suffering. The only way to end suffering is death but then, you will lose an exceptional gift of life. Life is the opportunity given to some lifeless atoms to experience suffering. Suppose we remove suffering from life then life in itself will be very boring and uninteresting. Then, it will be a curse instead of a gift. That’s the reason I say Life is all about the experience. Experience the suffering of being better every day. Achieving all that you want in life. Because in the very end we are all going to attain peace.

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