OPPO’s New Retractable Camera Teaser

Oppo hosts an annual event called Inno Day. Here, they show off their various new concepts and technologies before it’s deployed for commercial use. This year, Inno Day is happening on 14th and 15th of December, and leading up to the events, Oppo has given us a teaser.

Oppo, in this tweet gave a teaser about a new camera design for its smartphones.

It’s a short video showing off a phone with retractable camera on the rear end. The company’s “self-developed retractable camera” protrudes from the phone’s body in z-axis. Unlike other selfie cameras, where the camera pops out of the body, this moves forwards.

The video hints towards a waterproof camera. The camera will possibly retract itself while falling. It’s not obvious in the video posted, but it’s a possibility. Oppo hasn’t teased about anything else though. There’s no information about how the new design might affect image quality. There’s no talk of the advantages of it either.

The retractable camera seems to be of 50mm, and probably isn’t a zoom lens.

The video shows markings near the camera. According to that, this new design has 1/1.56 sensor with f/2.4 aperture. The sensor found for this camera is larger than what is regular. If this is a telephoto camera, it might be around 2x longer than the primary. Theoretically speaking, if the 50mm turns out to be telephoto, the performance could increase.

Leading up to the event, Oppo teases several new products on their twitter account. Some of them are: a neural processing unit (NPU) named MariSillicon X, and a pair of “smart glasses” which could be a step above the AR they released last year.

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