OPPO’s New Foldable Smartphone: Find N!

The rumours around Oppo’s foldable phone turns out to be true! It’s called Oppo Find N!

Today, on their official Weibo and Twitter account, Oppo released a teaser of a foldable phone.

A press release post by Oppo’s CPO Pete Lau talks about the process. This foldable phone is in the works since four years ago (since 2018). According to Pete, it took several research and development steps and 6 generations of prototypes were made. “As early as April 2018, the first generation of the Find N prototype was born internally.” Says Pete in the post.

Now, the Oppo Find N will soon see the light of the day.

Everything We Know

This teaser of Oppo Find N is released in light of the Inno Day Events. The day where Oppo shows off their new technologies much like this one. (Read: Oppo’s New Retractable Camera Smartphone.)

Pete Lau says they focused on two things while developing this phone. The first one being beauty. Pete, in the post, says a good product needs to beautiful and pleasant with design and even materials.

“Especially for a foldable device with a large-screen, it has to feel good in the hand. The OPPO Find N has achieved each of these.” He claims.

And the second thing they focused on: the product should be useful and easy to use as well. A foldable smartphone should be easy to use in both (open and closed) screens.

The teaser posted shows a phone with a small external display. It opens side-ways, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3. But Oppo’s new phones seems to be smaller. Oppo Find N seems to have a display of 4:3. In the teaser clip, when the phone opens, the selfie camera is on the top-left corner.

The fingerprint scanner could be side-mounted, similar to the Samsung foldable phones.

More information about the Oppo Find N will release on the second day of Inno Day, on 15th of December.

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