OnePlus 150W Charger Confirmed

A 150W charger? Is that even possible?!

It’s no secret that OnePlus phones come with incredible chargers. In recent years, most of the OnePlus and OPPO phones, if not all have 65watt chargers. This is already bigger than other flagships of the same range.

A tech-reviewer on Twitter, @saschasegan, received a new Iqoo phone from OnePlus. In this twitter thread, he reveals the massive 150W charger that the phone comes with it. Just look at it. It’s huge! Even the reviewer calls it a “brick” and “the size of my laptop” in his tweet here.

Image Credit: Saschasegan

As mentioned earlier, OnePlus has incredible chargers. It’s stayed on top charging-wise when we put OnePlus against Samsung phones.

So do we know what this charger means? 0 to 100% in less than 30 MINUTES.

It’s expected of OnePlus to have better chargers in all and any flagships introduced. Including the January-launch OnePlus 10 Pro.

This new phone that’ll come with a whopping 150W charger is unknown. However, it’s expected to have a 5,000mAh battery and SuperVOOC to support this “brick” of a charger.

The Catch: Battery & Thickness

What about battery degrading, you ask? As an industry-standard, companies avoid using more than 50W chargers. This is because a faster charging usually means the battery degrades equally faster.

OnePlus claims to have found a solution. They said the battery can be used for 1,600 cycles before the degradation becomes 80%. Which is more or less 5 years of charging the phone everyday. Android Police have gone into depth about this charger and battery in-depth in their blogpost.

Impressive, but wait, there’s a catch. There’s always a catch when it comes to technology.

The problem is the SuperVOOC. It supports the charger, but it means the phone will be thicker than other flagships. In the era of thin and highly-pocketable phones, this problem might cost OnePlus more than they realize.

We don’t know much about the actual phone though. Maybe OnePlus will find out a way to make thin and fast-charging phones, who knows!

What do you think of this possible new charger from OnePlus? Let us know in the comments!

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