Airpods 3rd Generation: Risky but Budget-Friendly

New Airpods 3rd Generation are creating a buzz thanks to its budget-friendly price, but is it really worth it?

Apple released their first Airpods in 2016, creating a huge frenzy and a trend of wireless earphones. The company didn’t make the first wireless earphones, but it made it mainstream. Now, Apple is adding a new “generation” to their Airpods series called Airpods 3rd Generation.

What’s new, what’s the same, and what to expect? Check it out below!

What’s New

Airpods 3rd Generation has one extra battery hour. So in total, the new Airpods should last a user for 6 hours. The previous two versions of Airpods lasted only 5 hours.

There’s a MagSafe (wireless) charging for the new Airpods. This MagSafe is an extra thing to buy, but the magnets keep the Airpods in place firmly. The case can charge upto 30 hours of battery.

And finally, Airpods 3rd Generation has a new price. Its retail price in India is INR 18,500. This is cheaper than the previous two available.

What’s The Same

The new Airpods is almost identical to Airpods Pro. The stem is shorter, the ear-piece is elongated. But they’ve removed the silicone tips that came with Pro, making it similar to Airpods 1st Generation instead.

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The case of the new Airpods is wide and opens that way, sticking to the same design of their first Airpods.

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The water and sweat resistance on this new version is IPX4. This IP rating is good enough if they’re used for working out-only. If there’s any water spill, the Airpods are likely to be damaged.

What To Expect

New Airpods don’t have noise cancellation. The previous versions did, but not this one.

The “new” design might not fit everyone properly. This has been true for all versions of Airpods, though. Apple is yet to add different sizes of Airpods to fit every kind of ear.

Along with this, the new Airpods’ microphone isn’t the best among the three available versions. In fact, it comes last in audio-receiving quality.


The Airpods 3rd Generation may be cheaper, but it’s not worth it. Considering the lack of noise cancellation and poor quality on the phone, you’re better of buying Airpods Pro or Airpods 1st Generation.

Or maybe another brand. Check out our comparison between OnePlus Buds Pro and Airpods Pro.

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