Sony LinkBuds: (Wireless) Back To Basics

Sony is expanding and challenging what wireless earphones can be. The new Sony LinkBuds claim to be the ones that will be “never off” by the company.

These new kinds of wireless earphones are made for specific kinds of people. Those who don’t play music in their earphones on the road; who want something constantly running in their ears; those who dislike having to remove their earphones to hear other people speak.

Curious? Let’s get into the details:

General Features

Sony LinkBuds are a completely new brand by the company. The buds are super lightweight (only 4.1g each), come in two basic colours: black and white.

They have an IPX4 rating of water resistance, which means it’s ok if you wear them during exercises. The LinkBuds come in a single size, but there are changeable silicone loops; these will make sure the LinkBuds fit in your ear.

Next, they’re very easy to pair, taking less than 10 seconds to finish pairing with all and every device. The controls, surprisingly, are not on the device. You can touch your cheek to control whatever you’re listening to. Double-tap on your left cheek to pause, triple-tap to fast-forward. 

There’s a “speak to chat” option available. This feature pauses whatever you’re listening to if the device suspects you’re speaking. 

Selling Point

Sony LinkBuds have a battery life of 5.5hours. The case’s charging is regular as well. There’s a problem with the case, though: If you were to accidentally drop or knock the case off a surface, the top will open and send the earphones flying.

Moving on to the more essential aspects of these Sony LinkBuds. The “selling point”, if you will.

The LinkBuds do not have Active Noise Cancellation. This feature is expected in many earphones, but Sony has made it a “selling point”. This makes it a perfect device for quiet indoors. If you’re wearing them outside, even with the volume jacked up to max, you’ll hear your environment. And as a side-effect, the sounds in your ears will leak.

But, this means if someone comes to speak to you, all you have to do is pause the sound. There’s no repeated removing and re-inserting required with these earphones.

Despite this, the audio quality is pretty good. But, the audio sounds like it’s around your ear, unlike other earphones where the sound feels like it’s in your ear.

In India, Sony’s new wireless earphones’ retail price is INR 12,999. This is cheaper than AirPods 3rd Gen.


The new Sony LinkBuds are a good fit for you if: you don’t want noise cancellation, don’t like removing your earphones repeatedly, and something cheaper than Sony’s other wireless earphones.

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