What Could Happen at The 2022 Apple Event

The Apple Event is happening on 8th March, 2022. As is with every launch event, the hype is through the roof and everyone is eagerly waiting, theorising, and hoping for good things out of this event. 

There is a lot expected out of Apple for this event, so let’s cover them. And let’s wait and watch how Apple performs.

Beginning with the invite Easter-eggs. The invite Apple sent out (as you can see below) has a fun little teaser. There’s wordplay on “peak” — “Peek” performance is a huge hint towards something, but we don’t know what yet. ZONEofTECH predicts that it refers to the rumoured M2 chip.

In the invite, you can also see the variety of colours in the Apple logo. This suggests a variety of options on a new product, theorised as “iMac Mini” — a smaller, “mini” version of iMac. ZONEofTECH’s team have worked out the possible renders, too. 

Products Update

In the Apple Event, iPhone SE and iPad Pro might get an upgrade. This upgrade is common for both: an A15 chip, 5G, and improved camera. Both the phone and the tablet haven’t had proper upgrades since the last event. 

Even with the upgrade, some speculate that the cost of both gadgets will remain the same. Around INR 30,000 if you’re buying it for the first time. Less than INR 22,000 if you’re replacing it with an older version.

Along with this, the iPad Pro might get an extra ultrawide camera that follows you around as you move during a video call.

Shiny New Products

For every launch event, it’s highly unlikely that there’s no new product. It’s called a launch event, not an update event.

First and the most exciting possible launch is the M2 chip. It’s previous version, the M1, is noteworthy because of how powerful it is. M1 was efficient and fast, caused little to no trouble to an average user. 

The M2 chip is supposedly better than M1 in both CPU and GPU prospects.

iMac Mini is the star of the Apple Event. Everyone is hoping to see these new mini laptops. This is the product, people claim, whose colours are hinted on the Apple invite. This is supposed to come with an M2 chip.

iMac Mini Pro is another possibility. But for the Pro version, M1 Pro and M1 Max chips might be used. These two chips are much stronger than the rumoured M2, which means if this product is true, it will be expensive.

And finally, the MacBook Air. It’ll have the same design as the previous MacBook, but with some light design changes. Read about this here.

What do you think: which of these rumours are true? Do you have a different theory? Do you agree? Let us know in the comments!

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