Connecting AirPods to PS5

All You need is a bluetooth 5.0 adapter. Plug it into your PS5 and AirPods will pair

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AirPods the very powerful audio device which millions love to use everyday. But, it can also be a really good audio device for gamers. The problem is most gaming stations such as PS5 don’t support Bluetooth devices. But, there is always a workaround. Before we move forward why would you use AirPods for gaming? The answer is No. Let me tell you why

AirPods have a latency that range from 120 to 180ms based on which model you buy. Now that latency is alright for beginners but if you have been playing games for sometime especially with wired headphones you will get frustrated of the audio delay. Because, in some games audio delays can lead to lower scores and poor performance. But, here we are not talking about AirPods review. Let’s proceed with connection with PS5.

So, all apple products are complicated AirPods are no different. When you buy a bluetooth adapter for PS5 and AirPods you need to get the ones which support Bluetooth 5.0 others don’t work. We used the bluetooth adapter from Skull & Co. while our testing. But, any bluetooth 5.0 adapter should work.

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