Unstable Minds: The Cursed Ones

Last updated on July 6, 2022

Mind is a tiny yet very complex thing. The way this small piece that weighs few grams affect your entire life is inexplicable. And people believe it is necessary to be stable in order to live a good life. But, it is the unstable Minds that change the world. The change is the result of what these unstable minds seek.

People with unstable Minds are complicated they behave differently, they act differently, and they are a bit odd for normal social norms. These unstable Minds are not born but made by the very society. Some are unstable because of broken families, some have had a traumatic childhood. And these unstable people live around you and are very close to breaking and going mad.

But only when an unstable mind is able to force itself into a direction changes the entire world. One of the greatest example is Albert Einstein. The man who never had a normal social life, always behaved oddly in social gatherings when forced himself into direction of physics revolutionised everything in physics. There are million other examples.

Being unstable is not equal to being mad. But, you have to keep yourself in check do a lot of self reflection, set rules, boundaries and discipline for yourself. Sometimes you will even have to force yourself to do something that you don’t want to because of the result it brings. Every unstable mind seeks stability and that stability is often found in their purpose and passion.

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