Nothing Phone (1): What exactly is this thing?

“Imagine a world where technology feels nothing”

Nothing Phone (1) is not just another android smartphone. It aims to minimise the footprint of technology in our daily lives. But, how can a transparent design reduce the footprint of technology in our lives? See, in the end Nothing Phone (1) is just a smartphone but the vision of Nothing is the ecosystem. Nothing brand aims to build a technology ecosystem where products integrate with each other without making us do anything.

Products that have close to zero carbon footprint if not zero. Products that are not flashy and trendy but minimal and classy. Devices that only provide what is essential and nothing extra. Let’s understand the vision using Nothing ear (1). The earbuds don’t have any fancy feature like Dolby integration, alexa integration, all it is just an earbud. An earbud with powerful sound, superior comfort, essential touch controls and powerful batteries. Only the essentials nothing extra. Apart from that it is carbon neutral product.


Now, Nothing phone (1) is something in the same direction. A smartphone with a 4500mah battery, Snapdragon 778G processor, Wireless Charging, 6.6inch 120HZ display, 8GB/128GB storage, 50MP+8MP and 32MP camera and a Nothing OS which consists all the essential components of android without any bloatware or extra brand functionality. Now let’s talk a little about the transparent back. The Nothing Phone (1) features a transparent back with 6LED lights. These LED lights fire up with different notifications. You can customise them and that will help you ignore notifications and stop you from turning your smartphone on and off several times a day.

Now this transparent back and LEDs is a simple thing but it will reduce no of smartphone lock ins by up to 50% because it will allow us ignore multiple notifications, messages without even looking at phone’s display. So, that’s the explanation of Nothing. Hope you find it useful. Thanks for reading 😊.

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