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2 Years ago my description of office was something like this “A boring place where people go everyday to work, and so restricted that they can’t even move their head without permission”. Sounds, like an exam and I hate exams. But, the definition of office changed when I joined Nagarro. Before even graduating from college I decided to work remotely forever, because I like being free. I joined only the companies that allowed permanent work from home.

But, one day while attending a meeting in the park I just decided to see how the Nagarro office looks like. I was skeptical about the idea but visited one of Nagarro hives. As expected it was almost empty only 5 people were there. There was no management to watch over you, free WIFI, coffee, and a comfortable chair to relax on. I felt good visiting office. Now the question is why? The #1 reason is flexibility. See, Nagarro hives or offices are not typical 9-5 punching spaces. They are more of libraries with free coffee. You can come at any time sit, work, or play games in your free time and enjoy as you like. Once you are bored walk out go to some other place you wanna visit.

Now this kind of setup allows an employee to work in a more comfortable way. The Productivity increases, employee satisfaction with the job increases and company is able to retain more employees. In fact, when employees enjoy working they even do overtime for free. Like, I sometimes work on weekends as well. Because, with the kind of arrangement that I have in my schedule everyday is fun and exciting. Now let me tell you about the bench day. When you are on bench before Covid you used to just sit on the chair from 9-5 and do nothing. But, when I am on bench I travel, learn a new skill, sometimes socialize and do anything I like.

Nagarro literally changed my view of Office. I visit a hive every now and then. And we are not limited to one place if we like to move from city we can go to another city and visit the Nagarro hive in that city if there is one. I think every company must adopt this system. What an employee hates is the restrictions that comes with 9-5 job not the job itself.

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