Choices: that we make

Life is the result of choices that we make

The Universe is binary in nature and there are only two options for every choice in life. But, we as humans like to alter reality and therefore introduce a third option to every choice “it is complicated”. Well, in reality, complicated is nothing but an inability to make a difficult choice. When we are presented with a choice we shouldn’t seek the immediate effect it brings but the long-term impact it will have on our life.

What If I am Wrong?

Before we make a choice we burden ourselves with the question “What if I am wrong?”. In my opinion, there is nothing like a wrong choice. See, Life is an experiment with a constant result i.e. death. No matter how many times you play this experiment the result always remains the same. Whatever happens before death doesn’t matter. Life is all about living. I believe in life you should choose to do everything that you desire without the fear of being wrong.

If you want to run, then run don’t dream of running, if you want to love then love don’t stop yourself because of some past experience. Wake up till 4 AM if you want but remember what kind of life you want and make your choices accordingly. If you want to be healthy and fit you can’t choose to sleep in the early morning and wake up in the afternoon. That alters the entire natural cycle of your body leading to the generation of various toxins.

Right Choice

Only when you make choices based on what kind of future you want you will be satisfied not happy. Remember life is like the stock market there are times when you boom i.e. happy and there are times when you fall i.e. sad. But what matters is when the trade end do you get the profits i.e. when life ends are you satisfied with what you did? Don’t burden yourself with the goal to change the world. Just be a better version of yourself. Because, in the end, all that remains is nothingness, not money, not fame, not love, not hate.

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