Ego lifts: Progress or Regret?

Last updated on December 24, 2022

Ego lifts are the biggest problem in the gym culture and lead to most injuries while weightlifting. It’s more common in men. When you start lifting you should focus on proper form but most people focus on weight more than their form. When you hit heavyweight with the irregular form it often leads to muscle tears. I have been a culprit of this myself. The only way to avoid ego lifts is to focus on your form whenever you switch to heavyweight.

As you get used to the gym and start lifting heavier and heavier you will often see a drop in your performance on certain days. It is very common you don’t feel at the top of the world every day. On these low-performance days, you often get angry and go for an ego lift and then end up regretting it. Once you get injured it introduces a weakness in that area of your body which lasts for at least 1 week.

But then the question begs how do you identify what is ego lift and what is not? Well, basically it’s simple to say you are trying to push yourself for a 110 kg deadlift but when you try to lift it if your feet are not able to provide the stability or you feel too much pressure on your lower back you should immediately leave it.

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