Lie: Won’t last forever

Last updated on January 25, 2023

The one thing that has changed for sure over the past couple of centuries is that people are lying more often. In the old times a lie was used to save lives. But, in the modern era people lie for fun. People these days are far more immature than ever. They don’t really understand how powerful lying is. What kind of mayhem is it capable of.

A lie if has the ability to save lives also has the ability to destroy many. Trust is the most valuable asset on the planet. More valuable than gold, diamond or dinosaur fossils. And when you lie to someone you simply are breaking that trust and losing the most valuable asset. And when the truth hunts you down and the person you lied to finds out the truth it triggers the same chemical process and hormones that are triggered as if they were to be murdered.

These people whose trust is broken are very close to being monsters. Somehow they do stop themselves from doing something dangerous but they do change forever. If you break a Good Man’s trust he will never be good again. He might even start hating people who look like you or have similar characteristics like you. That’s why broken women hate all men and broken men hate all women.

Now you must argue that if you speak the truth you wouldn’t get what you want. Well, if your desire produces broken people then it’s better to kill your desire. The world is filled with broken people and most of them are from the new generation. And these broken people are far more dangerous than criminals. But the problem is no one will realise that until the dooms day.

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