The 4 Goal Strategy

When you are young very often you will find yourself confused about your future. You constantly ask yourself where I should put all my energy. Finding an answer to that can be overwhelming. We humans are meaningful species. Without meaning we feel worthless. In order to solve that I use the 5 Goal Strategy. I don’t exactly remember how I came up with this strategy but I guess I took reference from Japanese life’s philosophy and some stoic quotes.

What Exactly is 4 Goal Strategy?

The 5 Goal Strategy refers to goals in each segment health, career, skill, and finance. You should have one goal in each of these categories. If you are a side hustler then you need two career goals. For example, you want to get stronger so set a health goal to lift a certain amount of weight in the gym. You want a promotion then set a goal and design a path on how you can get that promotion. You fear water so, set a goal to learn swimming as a skill. You earn well but you need financial goals like investing 10000 before spending 1000 or hitting your first million or buying a house.

When you have one goal for each category you feel stable in life and your mind can rest in peace. The fifth item you can add is a relationship but not the kind that falls apart. Now that strategy will make the common man happy. But, what about those who want something extraordinary from life? They need to ask themselves what is it that they want to change in this world. And they need to adjust their career goals around that keeping all other aspects constant.

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