Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: Broken but beautiful

Z Flip 4 brings better cameras, more power with same price


The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is all about minor improvements. Fine tuning the previous design to craft a true masterpiece. But, as we all know nothing is perfect even this masterpiece has some flaws. Let’s begin with the positives the flip design is far more stable than the flip 1 and is more durable. The bezels are smaller and the device looks more modern and clean. We get a 6.7inch AMOLED display which looks stunning just like every other Samsung device.

The hinge is slimmer and lighter though the gap between hinges is still enough to make an impression. But, Samsung focused on making the smartphone lighter and I think that’s a step in the right direction. Flatter edges are fine but the new flip is also glossy and therefore slippery. Though Samsung did a great job to make it easy to handle. But, still its slippery. The Fingerprint sensor is doubled as power button on the sides. Side mounted fingerprints are my favorites.


Now let’s take a moment to appreciate Qualcomm for making android smartphones powerful each year. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 plus Gen 1 chip which is the most powerful Qualcomm chip out there. Being powered by this processor Samsung Galaxy Z flip 4 will outperform most android devices very easily but when it comes to iPhones it still has a long way to go. Apple’s Silicone Performance is just unbeatable.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 comes with major battery upgrade over previous model. The new Flip can go up to 9h 45min on everyday usage which is still lower than industry average. However, compared to 5hr of Z Flip 3 its a major upgrade.


Samsung claims the new 12MP main sensor can capture up to 65% more light. There is also a 12MP Ultra wide and 10MP internal Selfie Camera. One thing that every company is focusing on is the night mode. And this smartphone also got some serious improvements in the night mode. When we compare this smartphone with similarly priced iPhone we see the legacy continued. Samsung produced bit overexposed images while iPhone was more realistic in its approach. The one thing that we can say these are one of the best cameras in the industry. So, you will enjoy using them.

Flex Mode

When the Flip 1 was announced it was just a cool feature with no or little real world usage. But, Samsung’s Flex Mode puts flip to some real usage. Flex Mode automatically splits an app UI into two components when your smartphone is at 45 or 90deg angle. It puts all the important functionality in the bottom screen and the additional not so important features a little away from your fingers. This makes me remember Asus ZenBook Duo.


999$ that’s what this cool device costs. When I look at a device the first thing that I question is whether the device is worth the money that we are paying for. And Samsung Galaxy Z flip 4 passes the value test with just one drawback. The drawback is the battery life. I mean the battery has improved but still its just 9hr of juice which charges at 25W rate. Samsung should have at least increased the charging rate from 25 to 60W which is becoming industry standard.

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