Optimism: The Secret Ingredient Of Success

Last updated on December 18, 2022

Optimism opens you up to opportunities.

An Optimist is a person who thinks the future is gonna be better in every situation. But, do you know every successful individual on the planet is an optimist? Everybody talks about persistence, hard work, and hustle but no one talks about how important optimism is in making you a better man. Optimism is the boost that you need when you come home tired. Optimism gives you hope when you fail terribly.

How Successful people use Optimism?

Highly successful individuals wake up every day with a positive attitude. Every morning they look at themselves in the mirror and say out loud today is going to be better. This gives them extra confidence and releases the right hormones in their body to improve their mood. It leads to more productivity. But, that’s not it. When these people are stuck in a critical situation instead of thinking about how bad the situation is they think of a solution and how they can benefit from this situation.

It helps them fight depression. Highly successful individuals are mostly loners and these people are commonly depressed. But, even during their depression phase, they are productive because they are always an optimist about the situation. That if they are productive in this phase of depression their situation will improve and it does improve.

Optimism vs Foolishness

Optimism is not just thinking positively about yourself. But, to think about the positive side of everything. When you start seeing the positive side of everything you start to benefit from all kinds of situations. But, Optimism has its limits and you should not confuse greed, and foolishness with optimism. For example, you can’t invest in a stock and be an optimist about its price and expected profits. In such situations, you have to research thoroughly and once you did your research you can be optimistic about the price. But without doing your homework it’s just foolishness.

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