Live a little: What does it mean?

Live a Little is quite a famous paraphrase initially laid out by a bartender in Passenger. But, what does this paraphrase mean? The millennials use this paraphrase as an excuse as to why they are trying to escape from themselves. Some use this as an excuse to not do things that make them uncomfortable. And some use this paraphrase to get wasted on alcohol and drugs. But, what could possibly be the ideal meaning of this paraphrase?

“Live a little means” living your life without worrying about the things that you can’t control. Do what is best in the present. Don’t miss any opportunity that life presents to you just because you don’t feel ready. Don’t fear doing it all over again just because it didn’t work out last time. It just means doing whatever helps you minimize your life’s regrets without worrying about consequences. But, it certainly doesn’t mean wasting your life drinking, partying, and eating pizza just because you feel like doing it.

Everything that you do in the present moment will affect your future and the choices that you make in the present decide your future. And that is the sole reason why you need to live a little in the present moment. When your mind is in the present moment you are bound to make choices that help you better enjoy your life. The kids that are partying and traveling every weekend instead of learning some industry skills during their college years end up jobless at the end of their college. That is not living a little. That is destroying a little.

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