Intimidation: The Game we all lose

Intimidation as a word is really simple to understand but in life it is very hard to escape. Intimidation is the act of being compelled or experiencing a sense of fear or insecurity. Intimidation begins with a simple argument and if you allow it to take over it can lead to a street fight. And violence is never good.

People sense intimidation as a game we all play. Some lose some win but we all lose in the end. Remember you made fun of a guy in the pub that was you trying to intimidate the guy. But he walked away in silence you thought he was covered but he won he was smart. Your one joke could have led to an ice pack on both of your faces. But who cares anyway we are all having fun aren’t we?

Yeah I mean violence is indeed fun to those who haven’t experienced it yet. But let’s talk about the ones who are trying to be better humans instead of focusing on the fun flies. As a step to becoming a better version of yourself you should always try to keep check of intimidation. You should not allow yourself to be intimidated by the foolishness of people around you.

I know it’s difficult to control your mouth when someone is saying something that goes through your heart. But the best thing you can do is stay silent and always be in control. By that I don’t mean you need to get a punch in the face and still do nothing. You are allowed to fight back as long as you are in control of the fight and you are on the right side of the fight according to your inner voice.

Again, intimidation is a game we all lose it’s just a better man lose at the end.

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