ReactJS: The Evolution

Last updated on December 28, 2022

ReactJS is a library that needs no introduction in the industry today. It is being used by small to large and even enterprise businesses to build intuitive user experiences. But, what led to React’s massive industry takeover? React first launched in 2012 didn’t gain much attention until late 2018 when React hooks were introduced. React started with the concept of class and objects. Though it had the capability to achieve great things but the initial structure was pretty difficult to maintain.

But when hooks launched React quickly gained the attention of developers from around the world. Since that day React has risen up like a phoenix. The Introduction of functional components led to React’s massive growth because they were simple to write and easy to understand. It was far too easier to maintain states, and hooks allowed easier access to functionalities. It even resolved the issue of this binding and redux connect and state mapping.

Everything was super simplified. And once developers started enjoying coding in React nothing could stop it. Though react has way too many things to offer like performance, efficiency elegant code structure. But the most important thing is it being developer friendly. But should you totally ignore class-based components while learning to react? No, you should get a basic understanding of class-based components. Especially the lifecycle methods.

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