Handling a Burnout: Graciously

Last updated on December 18, 2022

Burnouts are far more common than we think. Every once in a while people go beyond their limits of work either because of passion or pressure. Overworking often leads to a burnout phase. Burnout simply can be described as a tired brain. It’s the phase when you don’t want to do anything because you are too tired all the time. But how do you get out of this phase? Burnout can be life-threatening if not handled properly.


Often people recommend a long vacation for burnout but that doesn’t help. Burnout can only be resolved by being productive without overstressing yourself. A wise man once said most problems in your can be solved by a Todo list. And it is somewhat true. When you organize your day on a sheet of paper your mind is relieved of what’s next. When you tick each task in your to-do list you get a dopamine boost which in turn motivates you to do more and improves your mood.

Re Organize

When you have too many options you tend to choose none. The same goes for your to-do list. If you have too many things to do you probably won’t be able to gather enough willpower to start in the first place. The solution lowers the bar. Reduce the no of tasks you have on your list. It’s better to be less productive than not productive at all. Slowly once you think the tasks are not enough and you can handle more increase your tasks.

Break Chain

The break-chain is simply a technique to take short breaks in between working sessions. Some people also call it Pomodoro. What I had like you to do is introduce short intervals between your working session. Work for an hr then takes a walk for the next 10 min. Work for another hour then enjoy some social time with your colleagues. Work for another hour and take a coffee break. This will allow you to work more without wearing out.

More importantly, you need to understand burnout phase will go away eventually. The best thing you can do is stay productive and keep moving forward. Once you give up and take a break from your life you will install a habit of running away from adversity which is not good.

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