Why AWS is crucial for Full-Stack Developers

A developer’s job is to solve problems. It’s not programming in javascript and knowing a few frameworks. As the problems evolve the developer also needs to evolve to be able to solve these problems. AWS or any other cloud platform is just the next evolution that the developers of the modern age need. The landscape of development has vastly changed both architecturally and technically.

As the world of development evolves front end will have most of the complex logic with servers only handling data manipulation. And it will be quite foolish to build and maintain server codes for just manipulation of data. Instead, we could write cloud functions that can achieve the same results but with better performance and economical ratio. That’s just one thing then there is automation, artificial intelligence, and much more.

In not so distant future the cloud will evolve in such a way that you will have a cloud editor which will be connected to your deployment environments. Your code in the editor hit publish and select the environment once the entire automation pipeline passes the code will be deployed on the selected environment. By that time you will be expected to solve cloud deployment issues and use cloud resources effectively to reduce costs. Just knowing programming will not be enough.

Not knowing a cloud platform will limit you as a developer. Your ignorance of the cloud will depreciate your value as a developer. And if you are not valuable enough you will be soon kicked out of the tech world.

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