Motivation: Just another excuse

I believe only in one form of motivation that is self motivation which comes from discipline.

Motivation a word often used as an excuse for not doing something. Motivation is nothing but a surge in dopamine. You can’t bet your life on hormone spikes that are temporary. People who truly achieve something in life practice their craft every day irrespective of how they feel. They don’t care whether they are motivated or not. The moment you replace the word motivation with discipline your life will change forever.

Take a notepad and write down what is it that you want to do. Now break that into smaller parts add that to your to-do list and get it done. That’s what helps achieve goals, not motivation. You should always set a minimum set of things that you are going to complete each day irrespective of how you feel. And if you are motivated to do something that’s the cherry on the cake. Go run the extra mile because you are motivated today.

If you totally rely on motivation to achieve your goals nothing will change in your life. No one wants to leave their comfort zone and unless you leave the comfort zone nothing good happens. But once you start getting things done outside your comfort zone you are motivated by the excitement of achieving your goals. And once you start achieving something worthwhile your mind will start motivating you to achieve more.

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