Building a Perfect Schedule

It is the schedule of a man that makes or breaks his future

A Schedule is vital to self-development. But it’s really difficult to follow a schedule if it is making you feel lousy. If you take a closer look at highly successful individuals’ schedules you will find certain similarities. An ideal schedule is one that motivates and rejuvenates you. It should include a set of micro, and macro goals and some habitual tasks. Let’s study all these in detail and understand how to build a perfect schedule.

Micro Goals

Micro Goals are simple tasks that you can do to boost your willpower. The boost to willpower helps in completing more difficult and complex tasks of the day. An example of a micro-task can be making your bed, checking important emails, watching an important video, updating the plugins of your website, or creating MailChimp automation. These are hardly more than 30min tasks and are very low in complexity.

How you can use this in your schedule? Put one micro-task before a complex task. So, once you complete the microtask take a coffee break for 5 min and then proceed with the more complex task. After completing the macro complex tasks you will be tired and you will power reserve will go down. Now again when you complete a micro-task you receive a dopamine boost and you are good to go for another macro task.

Macro Goals

Macro Goals are the real tasks of the day. What we can call the main course. These are the tasks that take you closer to your dreams. These tasks drain most of your willpower and energy. An example of a macro task would be completing Jira tickets, finishing a udemy course, or completing an assignment. These should always be used to utilize your high-performance working hours. Make sure to put these tasks in the part of your day when you are most productive.

Habitual Goals

These can be simple to highly complex tasks. These tasks are used to build habits. For example, you do 10 pushups each day and then slowly build on top of that habit of going to the gym, reading one page a day building the habit to read 1 chapter a day. Two of the best habits that you can build are Reading and Exercising. These habitual goals consume your willpower in the beginning but once the habit is built they only produce dopamine.

I hope now you have a pretty solid foundation of how to build a perfect schedule. Schedules that follow these patterns have a very high chance of disciplining a person. This type of schedule motivates and excites a person.

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