Body Recomposition: What’s the right way?

Building a great physique is the primary objective of masculinity

Body recomposition is true life example of rebirth. You still have the same soul but your body is entirely different. It simply means packing more muscles at the same body weight but with less fat. Less fat more muscles allows you to peak your strength while maintaining a good amount of stamina. It involves multiple cycles of cut, bulk and maintenance. Most people around you wouldn’t even notice that you are going through body recomposition unless you take off your shirt. But how do you go through this transformation?

What’s the right way?

The first thing that you need to do is to stop listening to all those influencers with high vascularity and sleek abs most of them are on steroids. Infact, these days the idea of steroids is also gaining popularity let’s keep that topic for another day. The key ingredients to achieve a real body recomposition are consistency, discipline in exercise and diet, and patience. When I say patience I don’t mean patience for a year or two but for as long as it takes.

Now, the terminology that you need to understand is bulk. Bulking doesn’t mean overeating. Bulking means eating high protein foods to achieve your daily protein requirement without restricting your calories. You are allowed to go 500 above your maintenance calories but not above that. Anything beyond that is dirty bulk. And a dirty bulk makes you fat and stops your progress. When you are trying to lose weight you should not cut too much.

Cutting more than 500 calories for fat loss in not a good idea. If you take it slow you will eventually build muscles and lose fat leading to a much greater physique than just losing fat by cutting 1000s of calories. Cutting heavy leads to muscle loss as well. Also, you don’t need to perform thousands of exercises for a muscle group but 3-4 in proper form and with proper weight and sets to get amazing results. That’s pretty much it. Hope to see you progress.

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