Sprints: Untamed

Sprint is your first step to be limitless

Ever wondered what’s the best exercise to build muscle and shred fat? Is it weightlifting or cardio or something alienated? It is sprinting. Sprinting is one of the most effective exercises, yet it is ignored by most people. Now you must argue doesn’t running lead to muscle loss. Well, yes it can if done for extensive durations. But sprints don’t lead to muscle loss but to muscle gain. Ever looked at a sprinter’s physique? They are highly muscular and shredded.

Where is the magic?

Let me try to explain how sprints work. When you perform a 100m sprint you are engaging your entire body into a high intensity interval training for a very short period of time. For such short requirements the body uses either carbohydrates or fat reservoirs. Unless you decide to sprint for hours, or days sprints will never lead to muscle loss. Now once you complete your sprinting session your fast twitch muscle fibers which are basically responsible for size gain are dead and will be repaired with protein.

Sprinting also lead to higher protein synthesis and greater release of growth hormone which in turn increases the recovery rate of the muscle fibers. Sprinting is like performing your gym session with an HGH injection. Now I guess I am overdoing it. But you get the point right sprinting is super beneficial. On top of that there is better heart health, increased T levels, increased insulin sensitivity, better bone health, increased stamina, increases mitochondria density which leads to higher energy levels, I like to perform 10 100m sprints. You can also go for a straight 5min sprint or more as per your calorie goals.

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