Micro Services Architecture: Supercharged Scalability

The hottest topic in the software industry is microservices architecture. But, what is it? Microservices architecture is just a software development architecture that breaks your software into multiple small loosely coupled simpler services. These services are small in size, serves a specific purpose, very easy to maintain. Teams can work on different services at the same time without causing any merge conflicts. One service can contact other microservice at any point of time thereby exchanging functionalities.

Why should you care?

Back in ancient times, only enterprises applications were built on monolithic or microservices architectures. But, today every startup wants their application to advantage from this architecture. As an app’s code increases in size it becomes really difficult to manage and collaborate. The demand for microservices is super how in fact, its a standard these days in big IT companies. It can also help in cost cutting as it helps with better fault tolerance. Some major benefits of microservices are:

  • Continuous delivery and deployment of large and complex applications: Each service can be deployed independently therefore you can organize development and deployment efforts among various autonomous teams
  • Better Maintenance and faster teams Knowledge transfers: As microservices are relatively smaller and easier to understand it helps replace a team member or teams faster.
  • Better fault isolation: If one of the microservice is faulty the entire server doesn’t have to go down but just the faulty microservice
  • Independent technology stack. You can have multiple microservices each built on a different tech stack.

Now we both agree that microservices is really important so, how do we implement it? Every technology has a slightly different form of implementation of microservices in terms of syntactical differences. I am the javascript guy so, I am gonna teach you micoservices in nestjs, nodejs, and with strapi as well in upcoming codemoments posts. So, do subscribe to my newsletter. Catch you in the next one.

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