Mind: The Eternal Curse

Mind is believed to be a gift to mankind for its enormous capabilities. But is it truly a gift? We as humans have the ability to think, learn, grow and create. But what is it that we achieved with all these capabilities other than exploitation? The exploitation of lands, animals, and even other humans. Some who do not believe in exploitation are crushed and broken into pieces. Moreover, if we do not believe in exploitation then we must spend the rest of our lives trying to find a better purpose.


This word means different for every individual. It is something that they want to achieve in their lifetime. But, finding the meaning of this word is in itself a big challenge. Those who are unable to find the meaning of this word adopt the meaning that society gives them i.e. exploitation and accumulation. Even if you do find a purpose what is it going to change? You might become the next alexander but eventually, you will be dead.


Mind also allows us to adhere to some values for life. Values are simply rules or laws that we follow in our lifetime. This could be not breaking your word, respecting all creations of God, and helping everyone as per your capabilities. But, modern society doesn’t have values any different than animals. Greed above all helps only if it benefits them, and fulfill never-ending desires at the cost of exploitation. So, where we went wrong? Aren’t all these values of animals?


With the ability to think came a question who created us? Different stories about who created and how were we created are formed by this very gif the mind. Different religions were formed and somewhere along the line humanity died. But, the very mind didn’t have the capability to think that even if there is someone who created us what does it matter? The creator would be beyond our reach. Why do we fight over the protection of something that is way beyond our harm?

In the end, we humans collectively turned a gift into an eternal curse with our own use of it. The true purpose of humanity is not exploitation but to rejuvenate the entire universe with its capabilities. True values of humanity are to control thyself, stay true to thyself, and do not surrender to your desires of exploitation.

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