Rewiring: Essential for personal growth

learn, unlearn and relearn this phrase is quite popular on social media. But, often people are unaware of what this phrase means. This phrase describes a cycle that the 1% like to call rewiring. It simply means to change your thoughts and belief system as you experience more of life. Changing your thoughts and beliefs based on critical thinking helps you evolve and become a better person. If you are stuck with blind faith you will eventually be left behind in a snake’s pit. What you believe to be right today may not be right in future as per the circumstances of the time. A wise man is always the one who learns and changes his perception of the world through critical thinking.

Critical Thinking

Its’ very important to understand these two words. Critical means analysing something in order to reach towards a conclusion. Critical thinking refers to analyse all the information pertaining to a certain belief or certain information and then do your own fact checking before believing it to be true. Analytical thinking in the modern world is deemed to be judgemental and monstrous. And as you might witness from the example of millenials if you don’t have your own thoughts you will simply become slave to others.

Millennials belief system is defined by social media. Whatever, the social media feeds them their entire belief system adheres to that. Infact, election results will be dictated by social media advertisement in the forthcoming future. Simply because people have lost the ability to use their brains and just believe whatever they are told. If you have a touch of critical thinking you will often find mistakes in your own actions. Once you see the problem you will find a solution instead of blaming the society. Therefore, changing your entire life.


You might have heard billionaires often say consume what you wanna be. Information around you deeply impact your thoughts especially when you are not using your brain. While using social media we don’t actively use our brain to fact check. We are just scrolling through feed and that’s what has a profound effect on our belief system. Often people tend to bring up social media references between a conversation. And hence it is quite important to monitor what you consume. If you wanna stay fit consume health and fitness content. Stalk profiles of people who are fit instead of stalking your favourite celebrity.

In the end no matter what I say you will eventually end up scrolling your feed idiotically. So, leave a feedback in the comment section and go back to instagram.

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