Information: The New Hypnosis

A wise man once said if a rumor revolves for too long it becomes a fact. Something quite like that is happening in the modern world. The information that surrounds you is not the truth rather a rumor. In ancient times black magic was used to control people and bend them to ones’ will. But in the digital era information is the new black magic. Information on social media, news, and in every other form can be used to hypnotize people.

Political Hypnosis

The top most type of hypnosis would be political. Government each day wants to take more control of your life. More control is only possible if you perceive everything that government tells you as positive. In coming years governments will host official podcasts, political influencers and try to bend your faith towards their dangerous policies. No one will see this as a threat as of now but look at what is happening in west.

False information was used to promote very dangerous philosophies just because they will benefit big businesses in the long term. Now the entire western society is on the verge of collapse. People are being told that they can dictate their own identity and they don’t have to be what they are born as. They can identify themselves as dogs, cats, and what not. There are people on western streets barking as if there is a new bread of dogs.

The Western Mistake

Back in the day people were told to find a purpose and build a better version of themselves each day. People who focused on their goals were celebrated. Then came the time of social media. Few people started promoting alcohol and drug use it soon became a trend. Why were these alcohol and drug influencers allowed? Because these were backed by big drugs companies. The more drinking trended the more money these businesses and influencers made.

The same trend then happened in the fitness industry. Some people all of a sudden decided to promote veganism. Why? The more you turn vegan the more you will suffer from lack of nutrition and the more supplements you will require thereby increasing the revenue of supplement industries. False scientific studies are produced to back their claims. However if you truly look at the roots of humanity humans were at peak of their physical and mental performance only when they consume omnivore diets. But, omnivores are today perceived as monsters in the west.

The entire philosophy of feminism changed over time and now western feminists believe feminism is what promotes women and destroys men. Well good luck with a society without men. Boys are being told to be their authentic self by turning into cats, dogs, going through surgeries to destroy their bodies. Instead all these people need mental treatment. These people have been fed with the wrong information and now need detoxification.

The western society will collapse because of this mass information hypnosis. What caused this hypnosis? Did the businesses, government force this information of false rumors on people? No. The problem was lack of critical thinking. The younger generation in the west lacked critical thinking because they were not taught to think. This information hypnosis will spread all around the world. The only way to protect yourself of it is to chose wisely what information you consume and think critically before believing anything to be true. Learn to rewire yourself

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