Duality: The Principle of Equilibrium

Last updated on March 7, 2023

The universe itself is a duality

Duality basically means having positive as well as negative nature of something. But, what do we have to understand from duality of universe. And how can it help us to be a better man? The one thing that we need to understand is that in order to achieve equilibrium duality is necessary. If you want to achieve stability in thoughts you need to work on both positive as well as negative thoughts. Similarly, in life you need to have an idea of both right and wrong in order to make a just decision.

Negative: Often Neglected

In life when we aspire to be something or are inspired by someone we always look on the positive side. We often tend to neglect the negative side of everything. However, by neglecting negative side of something we are just pushing ourselves to the edge of a cliff. Its’ like putting all your money into a stock which had a great 10 year financial record but a huge loss in net sales and marketing value. Most people regret doing something only after its done because then they get to know the negative side and they don’t like it.

There are millions of men out there who regret working long hours and not prioritizing their health. However, this regret could have been easily avoided. If the person only looked at the negative side of working long hours and took necessary steps to decrease the impact. Say you want to achieve something that requires high levels of physical stress. This sort of work will drain your physicality over time that’s the negative impact of it. How can you avoid it? Just by prioritizing healthy diet and proper sleep patterns.

Mental Peace & Duality

People often complain about not having mental peace. Why don’t people have mental peace? Mostly, it is because they are doing something and neglecting something opposite to that. Your mind is like a seesaw. There are always two sides of your life one is things that you regret and the other is things that you are proud of. The moment your regrets are greater than your proud moments you lose the mental peace. If you regret not exercising start exercising. If you regret not making money start making money.

One thing that you need to understand from principal of duality is that anything that you are doing has an equal and opposite impact in your life. The only way out is focusing on the negative impact and minimise the impact. You can’t start a business without keeping in mind the disadvantage of market and how to fight it.

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