Networking: The Magic You Need

Last updated on March 5, 2023

Be selfless to be selfish

Networking is defined as an action to exchange information with others and develop. However, networking is much more than just exchange of information. The basic idea behind networking is to exchange favors. Whether it is in terms of information exchange, expertise exchange, or more on a social level emotional exchange. This network of yours does have the ability to turn your life upside down. Your network can help you get a job when you lose one. A good network can even help you with your personal problems. And if you do have a great network your friends could burn an entire city like pablo escobar friends for you.

A Meaningful Connection

People often start networking with the wrong idea. When a person begins to network the first thing that he looks for is what the other person can give. And that’s the worst way to start a connection. If you start a conversation by asking a favor the other person will immediately lose credibility for you in their mind. And they are most likely to push you away. But, if you start by offering help then the person will be more likely to trust you and less likely to forget you.

When we do something for someone without wanting anything in return that builds a sense of credibility in other person’s mind and that’s how you build incredible connections. If you do a selfless start you could build a friendship and such connections are the ones’ that often break rules for you. The best places to start networking could be meetups and events nearby.

For the Introverts

Introverts are incredibly good at making deep meaningful connection. But, they are very bad at starting a conversation with an unknown person. These people are basically uninterested in too much socialising and often don’t attend social events. But, it’s not impossible for an introvert to go and talk to a stranger and network. All it takes is a little bit of commitment and some courage. No person in their right mind is going to yell at you. So, get the fear out. Next, if you say you hate people talking bullshit. You don’t want to network with people who talk bullshit but people who are above you in the hierarchy. Moreover, no one talks much with stranger everyone keeps it short unless a connection is built. So, if you say you are an introvert and bad at making connection you are a lier. You just don’t have the courage.

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