Reason: Greatest gift wasted by humanity

A great life is one spent in developing your reason. For reason is the key to a fulfilled life

– Inspired by Plato

Before we get any further let’s first understand what reason is. The reason is the ability to think, analyze facts logically and reach a conclusion. It is the reason which you develop and become wiser. The wiser you become the more susceptible you are to perceive reality for what it is and see through all the illusions. And it is when you are above all the illusions around, you become a better man and could thrive to greatness. Plato’s entire life philosophy tries to teach you just that. But, modern humanity is deprived of reason. All they do is nod to whatever they are told. Their thoughts, dreams, and visions are based on something they learned from television, media, relatives, friends, or bookish stories. They don’t even dare to question what they are learning. People end up following something meaningless thinking it’s meaningful and then when frustrated chose to die without questioning the choice of death itself.


Most humans perceive things without using reason because those things are coming from a trusted source. And that’s the main reason for misery in the modern world. Any information or advice that possesses the ability to change the way you think, what you believe, or how you perceive the world shall only be inherited if it satisfies the reason for your current beliefs. And when you reason in your own thoughts the new beliefs are superior and can help you lead a better life only then you are allowed to accept these beliefs. It is with the ability to reason a man understands his true nature and purpose in life. Reason is the ability that helps us guide our lives to a better end. It is the gift that allows us to save ourselves from any danger in the future. It is the very reason that tells you not to go out in the jungle at night.


Reason does have the ability to guide you but it also possesses the ability to control. A man with highly developed reason is often found calm and doesn’t get angry at petty things. Anyone with underdeveloped reason will often get angry at petty things. Reason offers control over senses, emotions, and actions. Emotions control the flow of energy and when you are able to control the flow of energy you are able to control your actions. A person with a highly developed reason has the ability to control that very flow of emotion. He can get attached and detached to things, persons, and places in a fraction of a second. It is as if he holds control of all the hormones that lead to feelings of happiness, sadness, grief, and all other emotions. And literally is a superpower. Modern man lacks this very control of emotions and thus end up committing suicides, crimes, and all sorts of devilish things. A man is a born beast and if not under his own control is very dangerous for everyone around him.

Develop how?

After knowing about these superpowers you might wanna develop your reason as well. And the most obvious question is how can you do that? Will solving riddles helps? Or do I have to take a reasoning course? No. The reason we are talking about can’t be learned from any course, school, or text it is your innate ability that you need to use more often. The ability to think, analyze and conclude. The only way to develop this is by using it. Whenever you read a book or listen to someone who advises you something question yourself if that advice is good enough for me. If I follow such advice will that lead to a better, and more fulfilled life or will it take me to misery? That’s all you need to do.

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