Charisma: The art of influence

Charisma is the fragrance of the soul

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When we hear the word charisma we understand it as some sort of intrinsic trait of humans. But, it’s not just that. I have my own definition of charisma as I find Google’s definition somewhat confusing. I like to describe charisma as the ability to attract people by presenting yourself as a specimen that people wanna worship. It’s a social skill and can be learned by anyone given proper effort. And just like any other skill some are naturally good at charisma. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn it if it’s not natural to you. The simplest way charisma works is by giving people a glimpse of something that’s rare.


It’s quite difficult to say what’s rare for individuals. Everyone has different experiences and they find different aspects of a person unique. That’s why some people are immune to even the most charismatic person around. And keeping that in mind we should focus on displaying those characteristics that are unique to your target audience. In a general scenario, authenticity is the rarest of all qualities. You should engrain authenticity into everything you do. If you are talking to someone they should feel that you genuinely are interested in knowing about them. When you are working on a task you should be genuinely working hard to finish it off with perfection. The way you care should be authentic and not appear as a foul play to get your selfish needs fulfilled.

Another rarest of qualities is domination. But, you should be careful with this trait. Being overly dominating might be seen as a dangerous behavior. Leading a conversation and closing a conversation when it’s dull. Dominate everyone at work, sport in almost everything you can. Display that competitiveness that urges to dominate within you. Now, I am not lecturing you on the entire communication and body language skills. But, everything from body language to simple traits such as the way you speak, and walk, what you do in certain situations, and how you handle a crying child. Everything plays a role in charisma.

Why build charisma?

Every lazy and curious mind will think after reading the above two paragraphs why the hell do we need to build something that requires so much work? Well, charisma can help you in multiple ways. And no it’s not just dating. Yes, it can improve your dating experience. But, more importantly, it can help you close more deals if you are into sales. Help you better manage your team if you are a manager. But, above all, it makes you powerful. A highly charismatic person can easily manipulate and control people around him/her. And no we are not demons but sometimes controlling and manipulating people is quite necessary. For example, if a person wish to commit suicide you don’t send an introvert antisocial guy to save that person but a highly charismatic one who can easily manipulate and inspire the person.

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