Action: the foundation of masculinity

what we do in life echoes in enternity

Maximum, Gladiator

Masculinity is all about being the first one to face any problem and provide a solution. Men find meaning in being able to move some ground each day. Take all depressed men and they all have one thing common their inability to take action and complain. Taking action requires you to hold some accountability. Unless you make something your problem you won’t gather the courage or desire to find a solution. Modern men lack that sense of their nature as they are being constantly fed the idea that it’s ok to be who you are. And to add to that parenting has shifted from right and wrong to giving children as much comfort as possible. But, why is it so important for men to be involved in some sort of action all the time?

Nature’s Law

Every creature on this earth must abide by natural laws. Should any creation fail to abide with nature’s law it must live in misery. Men are by nature problem solvers and leaders. And being able to move some ground each day helps them connect to their natural self and abide by their natural law. Men are born with a drive. This drive is to achieve something great in life. By birth, they are driven to do something that has never been done before. They are always in competition with other men. But, the modern world has given so much comfort to men that they are losing their innate desire to do something great. And it is because of this dying desire more and more men are committing suicide and don’t wanna live. Now I might list a complete list of things that are affecting men but the most common ones are “comfort-oriented parenting”, and the “it’s ok to be miserable” mentality.


In order to lead a happy life. One must have a sense of their purpose on this earth. But, finding this purpose is quite a hefty process. One is not born with this purpose in mind. One has to visualize and channel this purpose into life. It should be something that gives your life meaning. And makes you more than just a human producing other humans. Men have decided their purpose for thousands of years they have decided to be great rulers, sculptors, or traders. But, how do you find that purpose? By taking action. By putting yourself into the real world and moving some ground in every field that interests you. Analyze what interests you and what is it that you want to change in the world. But, without taking action you will never be able to find what could have you changed.

Glory & Respect

Glory is a word with a deep-rooted history. For millennia glory has been the center of man’s life. Everything they did was to attain glory and respect in the history of thousands of generations ahead. But again not every man is driven by Glory. However, every man would like to be respected. And in this world, only responsible men are respected. And you become responsible only when you start taking action against your life’s and your loved ones’ problems. No father wants a lazy son, no son wants a cowardly father, and no woman wants a husband who complains instead of solving her problems. And in order to do all that you have to start somewhere you don’t all of a sudden transition from a kid to a respectable man. It’s a process that involves a series of lessons to be learned. That’s why man’s mental health is helped more by lifting weights than listening to a psychologist.

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