Limitations: quite crucial to be aware

A man who thinks he has no limitations is not limited by his actions but the wisdom he poses.

– A sage once said

Motivational speakers often speak about how you can be limitless and get anything you want. However, there is a catch in it. You can be limitless in those aspects of your life where you are supposed to be limitless. Everything in this universe is limited by something. Nothing is limitless and humans are no exception. That’s the whole point of death to break this ego that arises from the consciousness that the conscious is limitless. Death in itself is a shallow example of how limited humans are. But how do you implement this principle of limitation in your life and how do you understand your limitations? Well, you can start by understanding nothing you do in life matters. Because it is only when you accept the meaninglessness of life you find it meaningful.

Responsibilities & Expecations

The responsibilities and expectations of others often hinder your mental clarity. And often this burden is so vast that you have to believe there is no limitation to what you can do just to have short term mental peace. A prime example of that in India is the UPSC exams. The expectations of parents lead young minds to choose this respective exam irrespective of whether they are capable of it or not. These young students are not even allowed to take a step back and think is this the right thing to do. Some are chasing the expectations of parents and others are chasing the royalties that will come after securing a rank in UPSC. But, sooner or later life hits hard and shows everyone their limitations. Too many suicide cases because of not clearing UPSC are a result of not accepting one’s limitations. UPSC is an exam that requires superior memory capabilities. After that, you require superior self-presentation and communication, and logical and analytical abilities in the interview. But, instead of analyzing these requirements, students enter this brutal competition. Even people who prepare one day before exams just to clear the exam and forget everything the next morning.

Self Exploration

In ancient India young students were educated towards self-exploration. But, in the modern education system, people are trained to be machines. Self exploration is a key element that is missing from modern education and is the reason for such large-scale issues. When a person looks inside and tries to understand his own self he gets introduced to his abilities and limitations. His qualities and ill habits. Analyse everything that you do in life everything that makes you happy and sad. Question your decisions that is what makes you a better human and helps you stay in line.

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