Emptiness: An ancient disease

Leave the deep waters of pleasure to get rid of this emptiness you must know thyself.

– A great sage once said

Emptiness is a feeling of missing out on something. You have a good job, incredible work-life balance, and a good and happy family and suddenly you feel this ache in your heart. Slight resentment towards your life and you wonder, you have everything yet why do you feel this emptiness? Many life coaches or if I may call them gurus will say that you are missing out on your divine purpose. And these gurus will send you on to chase something that can never be achieved. As there is no divine purpose. As Gautam Buddha said this life here is a gift for you to enjoy or waste it’s not meant to fulfill some divine purpose. You can either choose to impact other people’s lives or just waste it indulging in pleasure. Nothing matters. So, there is nothing to chase but thyself.

Self Rejection

This emptiness is simply the rejection of your life’s choices by your inner god which we call self. When you feel this emptiness it simply means you are not what you could be. Every failed athlete feels this resentment each day as they could not become what they could have become. And your life is not anything different. You might be earning millions of dollars but none of that counts who you are in your eyes. At the end of the day, your “self” analyzes you on the basis of what you could have done more. A wish that you gave up on might be the reason of this self-rejection. The person that you are morally might be the reason for this self-rejection. Maybe your “self” wanted you to be a writer but you chose a high-paying job for the family and now this emptiness is hitting you. Most people move on to chasing materialistic items to solve this emptiness. But, this feeling is of spiritual grounds and not of material grounds. In order to resolve this you must explore the spirit inside you.


The cure is to know thyself. Dive deep into your own thoughts. Understand what your spirit is trying to tell you. Delve deep into your thoughts to know what you are actually missing out on. And what is that you were supposed to do or achieve and you did not that is leading you to this self-rejection phase? Self-rejection is common in drug addicts, criminals, people with highly responsible jobs, wasted talents, and also one special category that I call the divine creatures. The divine creatures are those individuals who are smart but not the smartest but have a mental fortitude as strong as mountains. They believe it at their core that they are superior and can conquer the whole world should the time comes. These individuals mostly are very successful but some turn to spirituality just to find themselves. Most end up switching careers in their later phases of life. The key my friends is to understand yourself.

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