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November 7, 2020 / Overdosed

Smartphone cameras have come a long way from the past. Modern smartphone cameras are really close to Mirrorless Cameras and DSLR in quality but they use multiple lenses to achieve versatility. Yet, not all the lenses offer equal quality and it hinders the purpose of multiple lenses. Smartphones need to…

December 7, 2019 / Canvass

Resolution of Camera is a debated question. In the Era of 108MP camera sensors we again raise a Question How much MP is enough? Well, the Standard Camera Resolution is 12MP. The two most powerful camera manufacturers in Smartphone Industry i.e. Apple and Samsung haven been using 12MP for some time now. Higher the MP more processing time, higher the battery drain, especially in processor heavy modes like HDR+, Portrait mode and Night mode. 12MP resolution is more than enough for an image to look crisp pretty much on any display out there right now. Pictures need to be 8.5 MP to be 1 to 1 pixel perfect and fill display. Anything over 12MP is waste and is often results is worse pictures when posted on social media.