Xiaomi Camera: The Almighty Telephoto Lens

Smartphone cameras have come a long way from the past. Modern smartphone cameras are really close to Mirrorless Cameras and DSLR in quality but they use multiple lenses to achieve versatility. Yet, not all the lenses offer equal quality and it hinders the purpose of multiple lenses. Smartphones need to use multiple lenses because smartphone lenses have a fixed focal length.

Xiaomi has introduced a new Camera technology that will get rid of this limitation. The leading Smartphone brand announced on Weibo(via Android Authority) its Retractable Wide Aperture Lens Technology. The Lens features a retractable optical structure that is designed to compactly fit within the smartphone and can extend out when necessary. The new retractable structure will allow to the lens to fetch in 300% more light.

The new structure will supposedly show better night photography and portraits. It also helps to increase the image stability and increase the image sharpness by 20%. The new tech will allow the camera to work just like point and shoot cameras. It will extend outwards when necessary thus bringing professionally photography experience to smartphones. The Company however didn’t announced any zoom range.

Xiaomi might launch the new technology in a 2021 smartphone. This tech will allow the smartphone to achieve the versatility with single lens. It will be interesting to see how the design of the smartphone changes. Thanks for reading. Subscribe to our newsletter for more stories like these.

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