Why 12MP is the ideal Camera Resolution?

Resolution of Camera is a debated question. In the Era of 108MP camera sensors we again raise a Question How much MP is enough? Well, the Standard Camera Resolution is 12MP. The two most powerful camera manufacturers in Smartphone Industry i.e. Apple and Samsung haven been using 12MP for some time now.

Higher the MP more processing time, higher the battery drain, especially in processor heavy modes like HDR+, Portrait mode and Night mode. 12MP resolution is more than enough for an image to look crisp pretty much on any display out there right now. Pictures need to be 8.5 MP to be 1 to 1 pixel perfect and fill display. Anything over 12MP is waste and is often results is worse pictures when posted on social media. Amount of compression effects the image quality and higher the resolution more is the Compression resulting in teared up images.

Videos like 4K do not need heavy MP to work. The 4K videos we view today on our displays or internet are just upto 8.5MP resolution. In fact, the primary reason for switching to 12MP from 8MP was to shoot 4K videos. There are millions of devices from Apple, Samsung, Google using 12MP Cameras and offer better image Quality even when Compared to 108MP in some conditions. The difference in image quality Comes from varied software tweaks too.

Tiny Pixels Perform really bad in low light and to put high MP cameras we need more powerful engineering. But Companies like Apple, Google, Samsung put their focus on the Software more than the MP resulting in much better quality photos. The difference can be seen just by putting the Google Camera app in any smartphone. One of the best Cameras in pro industry Uses 12.2 MP camera i.e. Sony Alpha A7S and still provides great images in every condition. They use a large 12.2 MP sensor with huge pixels. The larger pixel sensor the better will be the image quality. Instead of developing higher mega Pixel sensors with pixel binning technology they should focus on creating bigger pixel Sensors.

For now 12MP is the best resolution out there in a camera but may be in future we may need better MP as the display quality improves.

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