Why is it worth to buy a 60Hz Smartphone in 2020?

Refresh rate of displays is becoming the next biggest trend in smartphone industry. Every other smartphone whether it is a mid-ranger or a flagship comes with 90Hz or more refresh rate. What is exactly the display refresh rate and does it really make any difference?

Refresh rate of a display is how many times the display refreshes the visual content in one second. The standard refresh rate is 60Hz which means the display will refresh 60 times in a second. The higher the refresh rate the smoother is the experience while scrolling and other transitions. The display if touch becomes more responsive with higher refresh rate. Overall, Higher refresh rate provides a better visual experience.

Is 60Hz refresh rate bad to consider in 2020?

60Hz vs 90Hz isn’t that of a big deal. The only difference between these two displays is smoother transitions and more responsiveness. 60Hz displays can still be great. Just take a look at the comparison of OnePlus 6T with 7Pro. Though the display of 7Pro is phenomenal but 6T’s display is not bad either. In a test by Phone arena 90% of normal people failed to notice a difference between 90Hz and 60Hz display. Even after being told the difference only 50% considered the difference to be real.

In everyday life the refresh rate doesn’t effect the user experience so badly that you cannot live without it. It is good to have 90Hz but it isn’t bad to have 60Hz. The latest Macbook Pro uses a 60Hz display and still looks phenomenal. So, Go on if you like a 60hz device grab it before the deal ends.

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