Drones a threat to Delivery Boy

Drones have emerged to be a great tool for spying, and ofCourse for shooting some movies. They were popularly used for filming but now they are entering delivery world. Drones can help fasten the process of delivery which ultimately increases customer satisfaction.

Every eCommerce Company is in a Competition to attract more Customers. Customers on the contrary love comfort more than price Competition, that has been proven by amazon prime. Customers will pay you an extra sum of money for faster and better services. With the growth of drone industry new Startups that provide drone delivery are emerging.

Amazon Prime air

Amazon has always maintained its top spot in the eCommerce business. It is no surprise that Amazon is the first eCommerce Company to launch drone delivery service on such a big level. Amazons drones are capable of travelling upto 10mile-radius and carry packages upto 5 pounds. The Project is in testing phase and has been successful in recent tests. Chances are prime air will be available in USA till the end of 2020.

Various other Companies like Flirtey, Dominos, Matternet, FedEx, etc are working on their own drone projects. No doubt these projects if successful will make our lives more comfortable but this will bring bad news for delivery guys. More people will opt for drone delivery services over traditional method of delivery and more delivery boys will loose their jobs.

As the industry of drones, AI, robotics, grow we can assume the future will be filled with unemployed peoples. The only solution to which seems to be UBI.

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