Is PHP developer Job future Proof?

Web development is the most in demand career of this era and also among the top trending job titles. A lot of Jobs are available for developers and it is believed this is a future Proof job for next 10 years. But here is the cache there are phP developers and then their are Javascript Developers and others. Here we are gonna see How phP developers stand in the future.

phP is one of the most popular web development language in the web world. But popularity isn’t everything. About 78.9% of total websites on the internet uses pHP as their server side language. The biggest contribution to phP growth was of wordpress. WordPress is probably the most popular web development platform and is still growing.

WordPress is Completely phP based with over 1.3 billion websites built using it. The Customisation freedom it gives to pHp developers is the reason for its popularity. pHP is Simple and elegant and best suited with My SQL.

The Problem with phP is Javascript, JS frameworks are getting a lot popular recently. It is not bad to learn pHp but if you want to be a php developer i would consider taking the wordpress route. Nowadays, most php developers are hired for WordPress development. Javascript is simply becoming all in one language.

A Javascript developer can build apps for web, mobile and even desktop faster and giving more native feel Compared to phP. Does this mean phP is dead? No, pHP isn’t going to just vanish from the Internet. If you are a Php developer upgrade your career by mastering WordPress. If you are Just starting to learn pHP then its better to switch to Javascript and learn its popular framework like React, Angular, Ionic, etc…

Finally, I would like to say no language dies. It is just which one receives heavy development. Various Open Source Javascript frameworks developed recently lead to its enormous growth and destroying the demand for native php developers.

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