Emotions & Senses – The next big step in AI

Artificial Intelligence is far behind Humans today. But, thinkers like Mark Sagar can make Digital Humans Possible. Mark Sagar the CEO and founder of Soul Machines is creating a digital baby. Soul Machines is a Company that provides AI assistant for Customer Support which can simulate several actions of a real Human Customer representative. The Goal is to Create a Complete Digital Human Being.

Unlike any other species Mark sagar started this species with a Baby. The DIgital baby which Mark calls BabyX. BabyX can learn by itself just like a human baby and show emotions. The Company uses a Digital Brain which is just like Human Brain. Human brain is made of neurons while the Digital Brain is created with Neural Networks(a network of nodes).

It is the Experiential Learning that makes humans so special. BabyX can learn from Experiences just like us. It can recognise object using Object tracking. BabyX has digital muscles and in the next version it will have digital Lungs. Mr. Mark aims to create full body for BabyX in its next version.

BabyX v2 will be able to play with digital objects and interact with the user by drawing on the screen creatively. The Growth of AI in Customer Services will be exponential. Humans are way to Complex to understand and the Digital Brain is nowhere near to Human Brain. But its a start, Mark sees the impossibility of this Digital being as his motivation. AI will learn from us and probably won’t be dangerous if we taught it like our child.

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