What are Self Healing materials? Why do they matter?

In Past 7 decades we have seen how electronic transistors and microchips transformed our lives. We created these circuits at a very small scale known as nanometre. One nanometre is one billionth of a meter. Self healing is the ability of a material to repair damage, malfunction itself without human intervention. Today with advancement in nanotechnology we have self healing materials.

This healing property is achieved by changing structure of materials at nanoscale. A material designed by MIT chemical engineers can react with Carbon and air to grow, strengthen, and repair itself. The polymer converts greenhouse gas like carbon dioxide to carbon-based material that reinforces itself.

Another invention that demonstrate self healing is Lamborghini Terzo Millennio. It is worlds first self healing sports car. With its advanced energy storage system it can rapidly charge and can hold more power. WIth its self healing material it can repair cracks and scratches in its body. This is just the start. How will the self healing technology change the world?

In medical science, Self healing technology can help build self healing wound dressing. Damaged cartilages will be able to repair itself. Self healing hydrogels can help in effective drug delivery. Read more about self healing nanomaterials in medical.

Many of our favourite items break but what if they could repair themselves. There are clothes in our closet which we don’t wanna loose. Our iPhone that broke, your spectacle with a crack, the shoes can’t work anymore. Things break everyday in our lives, imagine a world where nothing breaks and even if does it could repair itself. It will save us money because it will help us save more money. The future of self healing materials will be much more cheaper because of low demands and things lasting longer.

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