Huawei’s Surprise for Qualcomm

Just after the US ban Huawei was rumoured to take its other technologies in the market for sale. HiSIlicon Kirin Processors were Exclusive for use to Huawei only. But this will come as a big Surprise for Qualcomm, Huawei is now selling Kirin Processors. Huawei’s business strategy for 2020 is Completely different. Huawei is going to enter every tech markets from smart products to robotics.

Qualcomm creates some of the best chipsets in the market. Qualcomm 855+ topped the chart but tied by Kirin 990 for performance. Kirin 990 5G took the game little further by providing 5G functionality. Huawei’s Smartphones are one of the best Performing smartphone in the market. All of this makes HiSilicon Kirin a healthy Competitor for Qualcomm.

Catalog for Kirin processors is already in the making. The mid range Processors catalog with 4G Connectivity is already out. However, top range Processors are yet to come out for sale. Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 doesn’t give a connectivity option other than 5G and this can be a turning point for Qualcomm. Huawei Processors will provide both 4G and 5G variants which will provide manufacturer flexibility.

Another Important point to note is that HiSilicon is investing heavily in electric cars. Huawei’s Smartphone growth for 2020 is not going to be like previous years. To prevent the crash of Company due to Google Services ban Huawei is all set for alternatives to raise money. This battle will be interesting. More, interestingly it will be a win win for average consumer. Let me know in comment what you think about Huawei vs Google??

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