Will my Smartphone make me a Cancer Patient

Cancer is a serious disease. A disease with unbearable pain for the patient and family. People fear even with the name of cancer and that is why this question is here. WIll my Smartphone make me a cancer patient? The SImple Answer is No. Then, What’s up with the radiation and all. Don’t Radiations cause cancer? Let’s answer this in detail below

Radiations, how dangerous are they. Well, Radiations can lead to death that is how dangerous they are. But not all radiations are harmful. Not all radiations are same. Even we as human poses cosmic radiation inside us. Radiation is everywhere around us. Radiation is just flow of energy.

Energy is flowing all around us isn’t it? There are two types of radiation is scientific terms, ionising and non-ionising. What smartphones radiates is electromagnetic radiation. But, Ultra Violet radiations are also electromagnetic. This similarity is what concerns people about smartphone causing cancer. But, the big difference is Smartphones produce radio waves which are not at all ionising.

Now another concern is the frequency of radiations emitted by smartphones. Higher frequency waves like X-rays can penetrate to solid objects and hence causing real damage to cell structure of living being. The frequency of x ray is 30pHZ. 1PHZ is equivalent to quadrillion Hz.

GSM standard devices will emit radiation upto 1900mHZ, 4G ones goes as high as 2GHz while 5G can go upto 24gHZ. But is that high frequency a threat. Let’s see what studies say, scientific studies require a long term observation with controlled exposure. The final results for the cell phone radiation were not clear.

Cell Phone radiation come in the category of Class 2B Carcinogens. This is the same category in which aloe vera and pickles lies. How many of you get cancer with pickles and aloe vera? Well, that is the number of people who will get cancer from cellphones. Let me know in Comments what are your views on cell phone radiations?

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