Want to boost Social Media? Do Your Homework first

Social media is playing a vital role in growth of business. In this world of internet it is the online presence of a business that turns it into a brand. Most of the business are going online and dealing with online services. Such businesses often use social media boosting services. Even few entrepreneurs use these services to get more customers to their business. If You want to boost social Media? Do your home work first.

What do i mean by that? Do not trust any company, it can lead to account security issues. Recently, A social media boosting startup which promise to increase a users instagram followers leaked passwords of thousands of Instagram accounts. If you have two factor authentication maybe you are safe. But still it is a security flaw. The Company Social Captain, increases instagram followers by making users connect with its platform via instagram.

Before using these services we need to login with our social media account’s id and password. Usually Companies in such business store this form of data in encrypted form so that no one can access it. But Social Captain being over confident kept the data in form of plain text. The matter got worse when a bug allowed anyone to access users account on their platform.

Anyone can access the account of other users just by adding their unique profile id in the website url. No authentication required. A security researchers anonymously gave techcrunch a scrapping sheet of the website. Which, reveals at least 10000 accounts ids and passwords.

The data also showed whether the accounts were premium or freemium. For the premium accounts it even showed their billing address. Keeping this example in mind, do your research on the company you are thinking to partner with. Let me know in comments what are your views on this topic and how you increase your followers? Want to live without smartphones read this.

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