Best Smartphones to buy Under ₹20000

Smartphone Competition in mid-range and budget segment is hotter than ever. With new Smartphone launches almost every 2nd Week it is difficult to choose. Buying a Smartphone is also easier than ever, most of the smartphones now have similar under the hood specs. Here I will list Best Smartphones to buy under ₹20000. Software tweaks are playing a much important role nowadays and therefore acts as an X-Factor. Read more about the effects of software here.

Realme X2

You guessed it right, Realme X2 is an Obvious Choice in this price range. This smartphone has got everything right. 183g weight, 6.4inch Full HD+ display with 400+nits brightness. A Premium design. Under Display fingerprint scanner. 30W fast charging and a lot more. The features however which made it to my list are – the processor and Camera.

Snapdragon 730G can be considered as an upper mid-range processor. The processor is built on 7nm architecture which makes it much more power-efficient. Snapdragon 730G is also a good gaming processor. You can play PUBG at HDR High settings. Paired with 6GB of ram this device feels incredibly powerful.

Next is the Camera, 64MP Quad Camera. You have a 2MP depth for portraits and 2MP macro for closeups. The 8MP ultrawide gives some stunning shots in daylight but fails to deliver enough at night. But wait, it is just a budget device, right? Coming to 64MP it is extraordinary. 4k@30fps allows you to get the best video even in low light. Want to buy grab an offer here.


Poco the maker of Poco f1(The game-changer) is back with another great device. The device is Somewhat similar to Realme X2 is most terms. Some noticeable differences are MIUI, 120HZ, 6.67inch display, and 200+ gm weight. Display’s refresh rate doesn’t make that of a difference, read more here. You Can Read a detailed review of Poco X2 here. Want to buy grab an offer here.

Samsung Galaxy M31

I know what you are thinking, why Samsung? I Know previous Galaxy M30S had some real issues but this device seems promising and is worth noticing. Instead of wasting your time by getting into details, let’s get to the point. Samsung Galaxy M31 has similar specs to the other two except these differences, Exynos 9611 processor, 6000mah battery, OneUI, 15W fast Charging, Super AMOLED display.

Even with 6000mah battery, it is 180+gm in weight that’s light enough. Exynos 9611 is a mid-range processor by Samsung which lets you enjoy PUBG mobile in HDR with up to ultra settings. It is a 10nm processor and therefore a little less efficient than SD730G but you have got 6000mah battery to back you up. Samsung displays are world-famous. OneUI is one of the best Android Custom Skin out there and you will definitely love it.


These are my 3 recommendations in this price range. You can choose any of these smartphones none of it will disappoint you. The best bang for your bucks will be Samsung Galaxy M31 as it starts from 14999 but it doesn’t feel as premium as the other two. If you don’t have a problem with a 6.67-inch display then POCO X2 is definitely the best. if you want a fancy in-display fingerprint then Realme X2 is the best choice. Go on comment below your favorite one. Sale of Samsung Galaxy M31 will start from 5th March on Amazon.

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