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Facebook messenger is a heavy app and it even leads budget smartphones to lag. Budget Smartphones are used by a large population and cannot be ignored. Facebook knows that people spend less time with apps that make phones slow. Facebook made many efforts to make its messenger lighter and better. Finally, now you can enjoy messaging with a lighter Facebook messenger.

Of course, it required the whole code to be rewritten. Facebook posted on an engineering blog, about how it had to revamp the whole code. The new version of the Facebook messenger is available on iOS. The new messenger is faster, lighter, and simpler. According to Facebook, the app will now be twice faster and one-fourth of the size. The messenger is yet to get a release date for android.

In a Post, CEO Mark said once you receive the new version of messenger, the experience will be much faster and smoother compared to other apps you use. If you own a budget smartphone and you open the app multiple times a day, this could be groundbreaking for you. However, rewriting the whole codebase comes with some demerits. Facebook said that a few features of messenger will not be available on the new app.

Which features will not be available, they forgot to mention. But after doing some digging we found TechCrunch reported last Friday about the redesign and that discover will be gone. Discover feature showed you different chatbots and businesses you could message. Also, instant gaming was part of the Discover tab. The removed features will be available back soon however no timeline is declared. What are your thoughts on the revamped messenger app? Let me know in comments-

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